Cambiando como se mueve la construcción

Estamos eliminando las conjeturas de la logística de la construcción al construir un mercado que aumentará la visibilidad y el control en todos los activos, así como también aumentará el rendimiento de su capital.


Los contratistas y los productores de agregados pueden acceder a miles de compañías de camiones y reservar de manera instantánea a través de la plataforma Trelar para completar trabajos de cualquier tamaño.

La Aplicación Móvil

Los conductores de camiones pueden buscar y aceptar cargas desde sus teléfonos, así como dar a los contratistas y productores visibilidad de su ubicación a través del Rastreo GPS.


La programación, el envío y la documentación de todas las cargas se guardan automáticamente en formato digital, lo que facilita los pagos y los informes de rendimiento.

Trelar es la rampa de acceso a la mejora de la construcción de corredores de camiones. Fundada en 2018, Trelar combina décadas de experiencia en materiales de construcción, logística de construcción y tecnología para digitalizar las operaciones de camiones fuera de línea, y para mejorar la eficiencia operativa y la rentabilidad. Entendemos la naturaleza hiper-local de las operaciones de RMX, HMA y AGG, y nuestra plataforma está optimizada para ofrecerle la manera más rápida y fácil de encontrar, programar y pagar los servicios de transporte por carretera.

Nuestro mercado y nuestra aplicación móvil están en el corazón de nuestra plataforma, pero solo son los pasos iniciales de Trelar que redefine la logística de la construcción.

Equipo de Liderazgo

Conoce al equipo que está cambiando cómo se mueve la construcción.

Gary Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

Gary started disrupting things when he was in grade school, then took it to a global scale with pioneering companies including Netscape Communications, USi, Amazon, Vignette, Wolfram|Alpha, and others. As a founder, and executive Gary has built companies and category-leading products within CleanTech/Energy, computational sciences, e-readers, SaaS and IoT. Before his tech career, Gary was a pilot and also served honorably in Army Special Operations. Gary holds a PMD from Harvard Business School and a BS from the College of Charleston.

Jake Howton

VP of Engineering

Jake has lived in more countries than most travel bloggers. After joining Trelar he quickly stood-out for his culinary skills, and as a result has had to tolerate hungry team members circling his grill on the weekends.
Jake brings strong international software development experience to the team, coupled with business development and operations experience. He has led expansions into new markets, setting up companies from the ground up. Jake has a passion for all things water, in particular scuba diving, boating, and keeping plastics out of the oceans.

Jeffrey Reeves

VP Business Development

Jeff brings over 30 years of direct experience within the building materials industry. He entered the heavy highway construction field as an engineer and after more than 15 years bidding and building projects throughout the northeast, working for companies such as Kiewit and Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting. He continued his career in the construction materials industry as VP for Hanson Aggregates where he led the Pennsylvania area before joining Oldcastle in the role of Division President in South Florida

Brad Dixon

VP of Marketing

Born and raised in the Midwest, Brad received his Bachelor of Arts in Materials and Logistics Management from Michigan State University and later his MBA from the University of Notre Dame.
Brad is a recovering cybersquatter, owning close to thousand domain names at one time. He has served as the lead digital marketing strategist and technician for several Austin based marketplace start-ups - most notably, serving as the VP of Digital Marketing for uShip for 5 years, during their hyper growth. At uShip he was responsible for their go to market customer acquisition both domestically and globally.

Nuestros Asesores

Décadas de experiencia en logística y producción agregada.

Philip Fraher

Board Advisor

Phil has over 25 years of senior leadership experience within a variety of technology companies. Most recently as President and CFO of Bask Technologies where he helped to re-energize the consumer technology firm, leading to a successful sale.

Richard Metzler

Board Advisor

Richard is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of LSO, and has previously served as the VP/GM of FedEx Logistics, CEO of APL Logistics, EVP at DHL, Chief Commercial Officer at Greatwide Logistics, Senior Vice President - Acquisitions at XPO and CMO of
He is currently on the board of Flash Global Logistics, iGPS, XGS and Installs/NAL. He is also a past President and Chairman of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.

Matthew Woods

Board Advisor

Matthew is a thirty-year veteran of managing construction transportation logistics for Lehigh-Hanson, San Diego where he manages all trucking, capacity and routing for San Diego operations.

Bill Gajda

Board Advisor

Bill Gajda is the Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at Visa Inc. Mr. Gajda served as Global Head of Mobile Product at Visa Inc. since February 2010. Prior to joining VISA, he was Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for GSMA, and Global Director, Brand and Marketing Communications for Ericsson in Stockholm

Nuestro Inversionista

Conoce Al Equipo

Shipping code so others can transport rocks more efficiently.


Software Engineer

While Adam is not working on software development and drinking drip coffee he works on home improvement projects and home brewing for fun. Adam also enjoys video game development, playing guitar, and lots of outdoor sports: Camping, Hiking, Scuba Diving, and Skiing.


Software Engineer

You’ll see Martin fiercely training for Tour de France by cycling to and from work every day, often oblivious to rainy forecasts. However, for now he’ll put aside his aspirations of becoming a professional cyclist in favor of his career as a software engineer. After spending many years in Prague, Martin returned to Austin, chasing after great weather, delicious food, and exciting opportunities.


Product Manager

Becca has experience as a solutions engineer and software developer, and is now ready to call the shots (next round is on her). She’s always running on Town Lake to maintain her extremely impressive kickball career, with a winning record for 1 out of 4 seasons. She also spends her spare time enjoying the lively Austin music scene, and working towards increasing inclusivity and retention of underrepresented groups in technology.

Robert Herrera

Customer Success Manager

Robert, a proud Colombian American, comes with 4+ years of customer success management experience within logistics. He has in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry as well as SaaS. He has successfully onboarded and trained thousands of drivers and hundreds of companies and is ready to put in the work again! He is very passionate about customer success, going above and beyond to surpass customer expectations.

Trabaje En Trelar

Ahora Contratando

Software Engineer

Product UI/UX Designer


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Trelar ofrece beneficios de salud completos, PTO ilimitado y una cultura de trabajo inteligente y diversión. Si le gusta la emoción de trabajar en una etapa temprana de inicio y convertir grandes ideas y desafíos en oportunidades, es posible que desee contarnos sobre usted y esa vez que dijo: "Hold my drink ..." y luego interrumpió una industria multimillonaria. !

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