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Trelar is changing the way you think about delivery capacity
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“We spend 3 hrs each day putting out fires because we don't have enough drivers.”


“I can bring in another 4 million in revenue if I have 6 more trucks. Right now, I have to give it away to competitors.”

JohnArea Manager
Let Trelar Streamline Your Logistics


$ 99

Per Month
  • Manual delivery ticket tracking is a hassle
  • Time consuming material validation is expensive
  • Sales volumes and cycle time accounting is slow
  • Excess capacity during slow sales periods
  • Miscommunication and wrong delivery detail is inevitable
  • No back hauls drive up costs
  • Low margins per haul
  • Peak demand coverage is limited
  • Broadcasting capacity needs is labor intensive
  • Back office workload is overwhelming


$ 99

Per Month
  • Digital signatures with automated time stamping
  • Online confirmation of deliveries with electronic documentation
  • Real time data of material deliveries are continuously available
  • Have extra loads dispatched in real time
  • Data transparency available to all users, i.e. carriers, producers and job-site
  • Total trip cost reduced by locating available carriers in real time
  • Optimize material price/haul cost dynamic
  • Access new drivers and deliver materials on time and as promised
  • Notify carriers of available loads with 1 click via the mobile App
  • Automated invoicing and payments
Trelar provides you with a solution for your specific need, tailored to your market.

No more phone tag. No more delays.

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Our platform allows you to create, and manage a virtual fleet of trucks and drivers based on your specific needs around the materials you need hauled, down to the type of truck. Our solution fits long-term committed projects, and on-demand. Just enter the details around your job, including rate, time, location and capacity, and let the truckers come to you.

No more broker voice mails. No more low-yield work. Less apologizing.

Trelar isn’t just a search engine.

We also provide location based services like:


GPS Truck Tracking


Delivery ETAs


Optimal Routing


Delivery Notifications

How it Works


Sign Up

Provide us with your job location and contact information. An account manager will then follow up with you to validate your account, walk you through the platform as well as answer any questions you may have.

Enter Job Details

Enter the delivery location, product, quantity and desired delivery date (or range) that the delivery needs to start. You can also specify the haul rate, type of truck needed for the load and a completion date if required.

Broadcast to Drivers

After the load detail has been entered, broadcast the job with 1 click in order to send out quote request notifications to all Trelar enabled carriers via text message. Instantly see how many trucks are available in your area for your job.

Receive Notification

Interested carriers will respond via a text message with a confirmation of availability including the accepted rate. After your review, simply select "accept" for the job, sit back and let Trelar deliver.
Sign up and find how much easier it is to manage your trucking fleets.